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Clips & Clamps
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1 Ear & 2 Ear Clamps & Repair Kits
OETIKER Worm Drive Clamps & Banding
Norma Hose Clips, Clamps & Tool
OETIKER Clamp Kits & Refill Bags
OETIKER Installation Pincers & Clamp Cutters & Blades
Lüdecke Hose Clamps
Mikalor Spring, Wire Clips & Accessories
Mikalor Clips, Clamps & Repair Kits
Worm Drive Hose Clips
P Clips
UNEX Clips
JUBILEE & BAND-IT Hose Clamps & Tools
PARKAIR Toggle Clamps
Brass Rings, Brackets & Accessories
Malleable Clamps
nVent Caddy Tube Clips
nVent Caddy Speed Link – Universal Support System
SUREFIX Pipe Clips
Clamps & Drivers
High Torque & Wingspade Clips
Worm Drive & Wing Screw Hose Clips
Mikalor High Torque Clips
Mikalor Clip Assortment Boxes